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Kathy Venter

Kathy Venter’s solo exhibition entitled Life, comprising 38 life-size, figurative sculptures, including monumental architectural installations, was selected from 6 series of work, to travel to 6 museums in Canada, USA and South Africa.

Venter revolutionized ceramic sculpture in the 1970’s by developing a unique technique of hand-building, free standing, large scale sculptures, without the use of molds or armatures.  Her work has since received international acclaim and has been exhibited in leading contemporary art galleries and at international art fairs.

Venter’s work has been published and reviewed in numerous art magazines and chapters on her work have been included in a number of art publications.         

A 100 page, full color catalogue has been published by the Gardiner Museum Toronto for her traveling museum exhibitions.

Kathy Venter was born in South Africa and received an MFA, summa cum laude, in 1983.

She immigrated to Canada in 1989 and lives and works in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

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