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Robert Potter

From the time of my boyhood on the banks of the Bow River in western Alberta I have been attracted to wilderness. Coincident with this was an interest in drawing and an early introduction to painting. This combination eventually led to a degree in geology which I hoped would take me to the wild places of this land in search of resources and, more importantly, to an understanding of that great hinterland beyond the roads and clutter of our urban world (it did!).

During my varied career as an exploration geologist I have had the good fortune to spend extended periods in the largely untouched mountain wilderness of northern British Columbia and Yukon, the vast Barren Lands of the Northwest Territories, and the sweeping treeless expanse of the high arctic archipelago.

An early interest in Hispanic music and language also let to numerous projects in Spain, Mexico, and South America.

Few of these ventures offered time to exercise my artistic interests but all provided a wealth of experience and inspiration which would be tapped at a later time.

During the decade of the 80’s I started a consulting practice which enabled me to devote blocks of time to painting. Exploration ventures in northern BC and Yukon led to painting series which were shown at the Yukon Gallery in Whitehorse and the Engineers Club in Vancouver.

In 2007 I had my first six week show “Past Tents” at Caffe Fantastico in Victoria. This was followed by “Canoe Country” in 2008, “South Spain” in 2009, and “The Rockies” in 2010. While I would not argue that Caffe Fantastico pretends to any prestige in the exposition of art works it does have a large client base with varied interests and has provided me with good exposure and significant support.

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