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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
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Andrea Russell

Andrea Russell is a metal artist who creates unique art objects and jewellery from her studio on Salt Spring Island, Canada. She is interested in art that lifts the heart, sparks the imagination, and stimulates the spirit. Curiosity is her primary motivating force, and inspiration is drawn from the awesome and entertaining forces of nature. She enjoys metal working processes that leave room for the unpredictable. Every piece of jewellery becomes an object of discovery.

Current work is a part of a continuing textural exploration of the pattens of light and wind as they travel across the surface of water. The pieces all have a sense of raw energy, movement, and organic flow that is captured, contained and contrasted within the rigid structure of metal. Every design is a unique work of art.

Andrea’s jewellery is available at select galleries throughout Canada and the USA.

She specializes in creative collaborations with her clients, and teaches silver-smithing. Please ask if you are interested in custom work.

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