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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
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Bruce Pearson

“I’m from Transcona, Manitoba, a Canadian National Railway town in which trains were, literally, built and destroyed. The sights, sounds, and smells of hot metal were a normal part of my early life. The men I looked up to, who built and serviced the trains, were usually masters of their craft and proud of what they could do with tools – as I am.

The prairie landscape in which I grew up was often so bare of objects that I believe it shaped my preferences for detail and repetitive textures in my work. This West Coast environment offers me masses of inspiration, as well as a benign climate in which to live the artist’s life; a challenge in itself.

Salt Spring has given me a home since 1980 and is a community highly appreciative of the Arts; a culture in which it is perfectly ordinary to be extraordinary in what one loves to do with one’s prime time.

I’ve found that the jewellery arts can encompass just about everything I’ve learned to do in other mediums, which accounts for the sometimes eclectic variety in my work.

In my display, you see work, such as some bracelets, pendants, and brooches, that express my original ideas replicated through lost wax casting, finished to a high standard, and unlike any found elsewhere. You also see one-of-a-kind pieces that I do not duplicate, but I do return to themes in classical designs for further development of their potential. Developments in gemstone production and new metal-working techniques are inspirational; I’m excited by new Canadian Gemstone discoveries and I’m impatient to work with them.

I do undertake custom work for discerning and patient clients.

Essentially, there is only one special person for each piece of my jewellery. There is only one place where my jewellery can be found, and this is it – Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island.”

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