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Curtis Golomb

Curtis Golomb was born in Hornpayne, Ontario, in 1963. Growing up in small cities and towns throughout Northern Ontario, he drew inspiration at an early age from the beauty of his surroundings, and images of the Group of Seven. His frequent travels throughout areas that were painted by artists such as A.J. Casson and Tom Thompson, inspired him to pursue the arts.

He was also inspired at an early age while watching a CBC documentary about Toni Onley. “I was very young when I saw the film and was quite taken by the apparent ease with which he could create such emotionally moving pieces of art with a single fox tail brush and a few simple brush strokes.  Clearly, there was more going on here, and I felt compelled to look at this more closely.  This was the beginning of my passion for painting.  Starting with watercolours, I learned that less is more, and to work with the medium.”

Both his acrylics and watercolours are best known for their bold use of expressive colour, while anchored firmly with strong composition and design.  Many years of experience now give way to the painting of his unique vision of the landscape.  His watercolours are known for their vibrant colours and high contrast – not typical of what watercolour paintings have been known for.  They are created on archival watercolour board and then finished with varnish in such a way that no glass is required so that they are framed like any work produced on canvas.

His works are collected throughout the world and enjoyed by those who identify with an emotional response to their surroundings as the paint flows expressively seducing the viewer to participate in an exchange of varied texture, and strong colour combinations.  The viewer’s emotional response that his art triggers engages one to participate in a heightened poetic journey to places of serenity and peace.  His works can be seen throughout Canada in many fine galleries.

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