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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sundays & Holidays 11am to 4pm

Daina Deblette

Having grown up living on the shores of the Kapuskasing River as it moved powerfully into James Bay, my connection to the land and the water is primary in my being. I’m a figurative artist who paints experiences in our lives, capturing those magical moments where we are immersed in our passion for attuning with nature.

Each of my chosen mediums (there are many!) have allowed me to fully express my experiences with each subject; they’ve continued to challenge me, allowing me to grow beyond my boundaries, nourishing me with excitement and joy.

My original training at NSCAD University in 1994 was in photography and figure drawing, which I now use as tools and references to paint from. A life-changing moment led me to teach myself to paint in early 2003 from a little William Foster book; I was instantly hooked! I had my first solo show later that year.

I’ve been teaching art to children and adults since 2006, beginning at a P-8 private school in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and expanding throughout my travels around the world. Following my passion to spread the joy of creativity, I relocated Ocean Art Studio from Nova Scotia to Salt Spring Island in 2016, an ocean-inspired fine art gallery and teaching studio where I hold workshops and art camps in all media.

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