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Daniel Tibbits

Born 1975 in New Westminster, B.C., Canada, Daniel studied Fine Arts for two years at Kwantlen College. He is a member of the Surrey Arts Council and is featured on International Surrealist Collection: Previous shows include second and third place at the Surrey Arts Gallery Juried Exhibition and featured artist at Arts Alive Festival.

Ancient architecture, old artifacts and rusted scrap metal captivate him. Whether it is seeing images from around the world or trekking locally in the lower Mainland he feels a sense of history and language. A feeling that holds a strength and purity beyond their physical nature. Seeing what past cultures have accomplished inspires him to create.

For the past six years Daniel has been developing an architecture and symbology to find spiritual connection to the past. He designs structures that capture that historic and spiritual feeling while still blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Painting serves this purpose allowing him to explore his ideas without any restrictions. My symbology consists currently of 18 characters and represents the spiritual, mental and physical existent of all things. When the symbols are placed together in a pattern, they demonstrate harmony and balance.

Daniel Tibbits new series is called “Elemental Living” and is based on the tradition of simple shelters. Many cultures have traditionally utilized simple ways of living like huts, tents, igloos, yurts, tipis, etc. Daniels paintings reflect this simple way of life with his own shelter designs. There are earth, air, water and solar shelters reflecting the elements around. These shelters are designed to flow with the landscape and reflect the colors of nature.

Daniel has been teaching art privately and in classes demonstrating a variety of painting techniques. He currently lives in Langley, B.C.

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