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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


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David Ellingsen


David Ellingsen is an award winning Canadian photographer and environmental artist creating images that speak of the natural world. David began his artistic career studying the craft of photography at trade school and through apprenticeships and then working as a freelance editorial and advertising photographer with clients that included the New York Times Magazine, Mens Journal, CBC Radio Canada, Telus and MTV/Nickelodeon. Simultaneously, David was exhibiting his personal artwork within public and private galleries in Canada, the USA, and Asia. He continued this hybrid path for 12 years and then in 2013 focused fully on his artistic practice. David lives and makes most of his work in Canada’s Pacific Northwest.


“The photographs that make up the collection of images here are evidence of personal journeys but also spiritual evocations on the value of liminal spaces at the meeting point of land, sea and sky.
The long-exposure format, building seconds and minutes into a single photograph, serves to enhance the allure of these places and recall the senses that awaken and wash over us whenever we get away from it all. Out in the wilderness, we often find ourselves.
In the Pacific Northwest, and further afield, I’ve spent many hours standing at the water’s edge – that wavering intersection between land and sea where everything seems so elemental, so pure and we reconnect with our natural origins. That is the spirit that I try to capture in these photographs.”


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