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Deborah Tilby, SFCA

Deborah Tilby, SFCA, OPA, is a Canadian painter currently living in Victoria BC.  She is recognized as one of the top oil and watercolour painters in the country and is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and of the Oil Painters of America.

Her work has won numerous international awards, has appeared in International Artist, Southwest Art, Arabella and Artist magazines and she was invited to participate in the prestigious American Masters Show at the Salmagundi Club in New York.

“I am passionate about my work; I truly love it and paint every day.  Painting is a challenge, but always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.”


Gallery 8, Salt Spring Island, BC

West End Gallery, Victoria, BC

Peter Barker Gallery, England


Finalist, Boldbrush Competition (Sept 2017)

Finalist, Sedona Art Prize (Sept 2017)

Best in Show, Sedona Art Prize (Sept 2017)

Juror’s Choice, Sidney Fine Arts Show (Oct 2017)

Best Work on Canvas, Sidney Fine Arts Show (Oct 2017)

Finalist, Boldbrush Competition (Sept 2017)

Best in Show, Sedona Art Prize (Sept 2017)

Best in Show, Sedona Art Prize (Sept 2017)

Honourable Mention, OPA (summer Showcase (2017)

Finalist, Sedona Art Prize (August 2017)

2nd Place, Boldbrush Competition (Aug. 2017)

Finalist, Sedona Art Prize (June 2017)

3rd Place Overall, Plein Air Salon, April/May (2017)

Finalist, OPA Spring Showcase (2017)

International Artist Magazine article (2017)

Best in Show, Sedona Art Prize (Oct 2016)

Award of Excellence, OPA Western Regional (2016)

Best Work on Canvas, Sidney Fine Arts (2016)

First Place Overall, Plein Air Magazine Aug/Sept (2016)

Fourth Place Impressionist Landscape Amer Art Awards (2016)

Honourable Mention, OPA Summer Showcase (2016)

Second Place Overall, Plein Air Magazine Salon (April/May 2016)

Arabella Magazine-16 page article (Spring issue 2016)

Finalist, Artist Magazine Annual Competition (April 2016)

Honourable Mention, OPA Spring Showcase (2016)

Best Landscape, NOAPS Spring Showcase (2016)

Southwest Art Magazine (December issue 2015)

Merit Award, NOAP International Show (2015)

  1. Mention, Southwest Art Artistic Excellence (Nov 2015)

Finalist, Boldbrush Competition (Oct 2015)

Finalist, Artist Magazine Competition (May 2015)

Finalist, Boldbrush Competition (May 2015)

First Place, OPA Spring Showcase (May 2015)

Third Place, Boldbrush Competition (Feb 2015)

Best Water, Plein Air Magazine Salon (Jan 2015)

International Artist Magazine (January issue 2015)

Finalist, Raymar Competition (Dec 2014)

Second Place, Boldbrush Competition (Dec 2014)

First Place, AmerArt Awards Impressionist Landscape (2014)

Finalist, Raymar Competition (Oct 2014)

Finalist, International Artist Landscape Contest (Sept 2014)

Finalist, OPA Summer Showcase (Aug 2014)

Finalist, Boldbrush Competition (July 2014)

Finalist, Raymar Competition (June 2014)

Best Landscape, Plein Air Salon (April/May 2014)

Best in Show Boldbrush Competition (Feb 2014)

Third Place, Boldbrush Competition (Jan 2014)

Finalist Raymar Competition (Nov 2013)

International Artist Magazine (June issue 2000)


Invitational, Howard Mandville Gallery  (2017)

American Masters, Salmagundi Club (2017)

Sidney Fine Arts Show (2017)

Fall Show West End Gallery (2017)

Oil Painters of America Summer Showcase (2017)

Moss Street Paint In (2017)

Oil Painters of America Spring Showcase (2017)

Oil Painters of America National Exhibition(2017)

Spring Show, Gallery 8 (2017)

Spring Show, West End Gallery (2017)

NOAPS Spring Show online (2017)

Sidney Fine Arts (2016)

OPA Western Regional  Exhibition(2016)

OPA Salon, (2016)

Moss Street Paint In (2016)

Symbolically 8, Gallery 8 (2016)

Sidney Fine Arts Show (2015)

Oil Painters of America Salon (2015)

OPA Western Regional Exhibition(2015)

Moss Street Paint In (2015)

OPA National Exhibition 2015)

OPA Western Regional (2014)

Symbolically 8, Gallery 8 (2014)

Group Show, West End (2014)

Moss Street Paint In (2014)

Winter Exhibition, Gallery 8 (2013)

Moss Street Paint (2013)

Open House, Gallery 8 (2012)

Open House, White Rock Gallery (2012)

Celebrating Small, Avenue Gallery (2012)

Artistic Pairings, Avenue Gallery (2012)

Moss Street Paint In (2012)

Trailside Gallery, Wyoming (2012)

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