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Fran Alexander

Fran Alexander, a Vancouver based painter, knew she wanted to be an artist.  Her earliest memory at the age of three was sitting on her grandmother’s knee stringing glass beads, mesmerized by all the colors and the dance of light from their shiny surfaces.  Taking every art class she could throughout elementary and high school, Fran carried on her artistic endeavors at the University of British Columbia, graduating as a teacher of art.

Fran has travelled the world, painting passionately in Vancouver, teaching art in Toronto, in Luxembourg for nearly a decade, and the rare opportunity of having taught in the Northwest Territories.  As a member of the Inuvik Arts and Crafts Council for three years, Fran ardently promoted cultural enrichment in the North.  Her presentations at the teachers’ conferences were richly informed by her classroom experience, and composed primarily of Inuvialuit, Gwich’n, and Metis children. Fran has said her time in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

Fran expresses her passion for art with an architectural eye through the heart of a poet.  She explores abstract impressionism in her art through a thoughtful process of multilayers of color. A skillful use of color, form, and balance are a testament to training, and diligent application, and her limitless subject matter is a constant muse, urging her ever onward to masterfully render paintings that are simply put, exquisite.

Fran is an Associate Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

“ I was entranced by art from an early age, enthralled throughout my life by the ability to capture, with intimacy, the magnificence of a blossom, the simplicity of ordinary moments, and the way light evokes a sense of feeling from all of these things.”

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