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Georgina Lohan

Artist Biography:

Georgina Lohan’s work has developed through extensive exploration & experimentation with materials.
Georgina’s work with porcelain began as an extension of her practice as a mixed media painter when she began working in wall mounted relief panels in ceramic, glass, painting and cast paper.

After gradually becoming more involved with clay, she established her first ceramic studio in 2007.
Her current studio is located in the hub of the recently established Eastside Arts District, providing a dynamic container for her creative practice.

As well as exhibiting her artwork, Georgina has contributed to the development of many creative projects including her role as founding director of the Eastside Culture Crawl, the largest visual arts festival in western Canada.
Georgina is based in Vancouver, BC, and has exhibited in North America & Europe.

Artist Statement:

The sensuous nature of working with clay connects me with my body, its feelings, experiences, and memories. Excavating 18,000 years of ceramics history, which contains the worlds cultural heritage, informs my practice, and links the Late Paleolithic with the contemporary era; the Anthropocene.

This dialog between the personal and the universal connects questions of existence & equality, psychology & evolution, the fragment & totality, and helps contextualize the effects of advanced industrialization on human development. It has led me to re-imagine the human story as a 3D collage made of porcelain clay, describing how we can move between the experiences of trauma, disintegration & loss, to strength, regeneration, and vitality.

On this journey of transformation, we are not alone, but connected in an intricate web of relationships to the world around us.

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