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Jade Boyd

Jade Boyd grew up in the small country of Taiwan, influenced from an early age by the Chinese culture. After moving to North America in 1990, she resided in several cities, big and small, starting out in Brooklyn, New York and finally settling on Galiano Island, BC, which is now her home.

“All the experiences gathered from living in different environments have helped to broaden my vision. My recent paintings were inspired by my life on the Gulf Islands, where I see myself, at last, enjoying each moment and doing the things I love.

Nature has always had a great impact on my work. If I am in a place where the lighting and landscape combine to urge me to paint, I immediately begin visualizing a painting approach that suits the mood and subject. Spontaneity is one way I paint, yet at the same time, I may take many months or even years to finish the work, all the while continually analyzing it and learning from it as I progress.

Colors have such expressive power. I choose them to match my feelings at the moment I begin painting and then they provide a focal point for each work. My passion for color convinces me that both psychological and compositional effects of color can transform a visual energy into life. I apply acrylic paint in layers to capture the depth I perceive in nature. This layering process is time-consuming, but I enjoy the added intensity of colors and textures it provides. For me, the process is like a meditation. As a painter, the beauty of the world becomes a spiritual conduit, leading me to the recognition of natural beauty wherever I go”

Jade holds both bachelor and master degrees in fine arts. She received her BFA from Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan and her MFA from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn New York. During her time in New York, Jade was awarded the Manhattan Arts International Award of Excellence and the Shaw Memorial Award. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and shows in North America and Taiwan.

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