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Janet Cameron

I remember my first drawing. It was done on the wall that I could just reach from between my crib bars. That was my first art show Not well received by parents.

I never even thought about what I should be when I grew up and I’m still wondering about it now but for whatever reason, no matter what I did, it always came back to art work.

The word “artist” scares me and I consider myself to be a technician of artist’s materials. Allergies to oil paints pushed me to watercolours, then to acrylics. I painted with acrylics from 1985 to present day and likely tomorrow.

In 1991, having seen a small thread piece done by a chap in Australia that my sister owns, I decided to give the thread work a try. Well, my little machine sewed forwards and sometimes backward with looping bobbin threads but I got one done. I purchased another sewing machine and then later another that I have since modified by hacksaw to cool the engine more efficiently.

The landscapes and people are influenced by Kandinsky, Modigliani and other Impressionists but the cartoons are influenced by the antics of my animals. Many times I have been working on a piece and just laughed out loud. I hope you will enjoy my work.

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