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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
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Janis Woode

Janis Woode was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia in 1962. As a child she sketched wildlife and landscapes. The local native culture and pristine west coast vistas were inspiring to her growing up.

Janis moved to Vancouver at age 11 and at age 22 attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. She also attended Capilano College for the Clay and Textiles program in 1991/1993.

Her work with wire figures began at Emily Carr and has continued since. Working in metal triggered the desire to learn how to weld which has given her a freedom to create her visions.

Janis has been on Salt Spring Island for 15 years and enjoys the multifaceted art community here.

Janis: “Living in the Gulf Islands, especially Salt Spring Island, has been truly inspirational. The opportunity to know and meet other artists is both uplifting and inspiring. What I hope to convey in my work is a common human experience.”

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