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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


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JD Evans

J.D. Evans has always painted, drawn and made music from the time she was old enough to grip a pencil. She studied life drawing at Concordia University and later attended the Victoria College of Art in British Columbia. Her life and work has always been in the arts, with one discipline often balancing and informing the other. She now paints full time allowing her a more concentrated focus in exploring this medium.

Evans creates dynamic and complex surfaces, layering her spontaneous inquiries in a way that invests the final image with a sense of the mysteries that engage her.

“The deeper I go into painting, the less familiar and more expansive it becomes. Marks, like words or sounds, are loaded with subtext, revealing more about intent than image. In my current work I am constructing the paintings as voicings or paraphrases from within an energy flow that is essentially abstract. Narrative may emerge as an emotional or conceptual layer, but the connecting dialogue between the works is in the surfaces, the integrity of the strokes and what is revealed in their relationships. Orchestrating light, line and form in the rich and layered world of visual chicanery is, for myself, a musical as well as painterly exercise. I will often work for long periods of time before I begin to “hear” the rhythms, harmonies and dissonances of a painting. That’s when I know I am getting close to resolution.”

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