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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


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Michael Stockdale

Michael was born in Paris, France, of British and French ancestry and spent his early youth on the Left Bank, he studied art in France and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

After working in Europe in film animation, publishing, and illustration, he moved to Montreal to work in advertising, opening his own commercial art studio in 1984.

Michael started to paint in the early 1990s, first in watercolours, then in acrylics and oils. By the middle of the decade, painting became his full-time occupation. He moved to Vancouver in 1996 and presently exhibits in various galleries in Vancouver and the lower mainland, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island.

Michael’s paintings are a celebration of life, there is a storytelling quality of his work. A very personal vision of his surroundings as well as primary importance given to colour and composition produces dreamlike, whimsical scenes that engage the viewer’s imagination.

Michael has lived in British Columbia since 1996, and he is now resides in Richmond.

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