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Gallery 8 Saltspring Island


Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm
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Patrick Skidd

Patrick Skidd: Recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast in 2015, Patrick uncovers the latent potential and beauty in offcut scraps of domestic and exotic woods.

A wood enthusiast since his early days, Patrick is inspired by Art Deco design Frank Lloyd Wright and Lawren Harris, and the incredible chatoyance (cat’s eye effect) in solid and veneer woods.

Patrick painstakingly blends and shapes veneers into intricate 3-D art pieces with an emphasis on sea life and sailing and his own interpretations of arctic paintings by the Group of Seven.

Patrick’s process of shaping and coloring fine veneers into sailboats wondrously reflects the free flowing nature of their real-world inspirations.
Patrick’s tropical fish are created using vibrant multi-color laminates – shaped into a dazzling array of tropical fish.

The base of each piece reflects the natural beauty of the water.

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