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Roland Gatin

Born in 1968 in small-town Saskatchewan and raised in Winnipeg, MB, Gatin moved to the West coast in 1999, where he began sculpting in stone soon after his arrival. Drawing from an ever-widening array of influences, and entirely self-taught, Gatin has developed a highly idiosyncratic approach to his work, both in terms of technique and of style.

A distinctive feature of much of the work is the medium itself: laminated stone in a multitude of forms. An innovator in this approach, Gatin has gradually been expanding his repertoire by developing and refining new techniques with each new series of projects. Both the process and the resulting medium have influenced the subject matter of the work, which tends to draw attention to the composite nature of objects and ideas.

The work seeks to integrate as many of the artist’s disparate interests as possible, combining parallel fascinations with geometry, architecture and design alongside history, literature and philosophy. Gatin sees art as having a central role in the human experience, as essential as the basic necessities of life or as such concepts as ‘imagination’ or ‘society’. The practice of art therefore, is intrinsically connected with everything else in the artist’s attentive experience.

Gatin has participated in group shows and shown in numerous galleries on the West coast and in Winnipeg. His work resides in private collections throughout Canada and the US, as well as in Europe and Central America.

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