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Sean Goddard

Sean originally hailed from Mississauga Ontario, which he left in the early 90’s, moving to Whistler in search of a new life style. It was there that Sean began dabbling in glasswork with the help of friend Gimel Holland, daughter of legendary Glassman Moss Holland.

What began as an after work hobby quickly turned into a cottage industry for Sean as he began to sell his new creations at the Pemberton Farm Market and in such upscale galleries as Mountain Craft in Whistler.

With no formal education in the media of glass and metal Sean set out to make a genre of his own after relocating to Tofino in the mid-90s. It was with this creative force and bold inspiration that the lines of jagged light sconces and prehistoric insects were fashioned. His work quickly found fans in the local subcultures of Tofino where it was appreciated for its daring look and design. He started by selling his work in many of the local galleries and then moved in 2000 to open his own gallery in Ucluelet and then in Tofino in 2001.

Both locations operated as “The Lounge Collection” and built up a strong reputation for their innovative collections of artists’ work.

In 2005 Sean Goddard Insect Sculpture moved to Salt Spring Island and currently shows his work at Gallery 8.
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